Benefits of Spinach for Beauty Skin and Hair

Benefits of Spinach for Beauty Skin and Hair

What are Benefits of Spinach for Skin and Hair Health ? – One of the vegetables that have dark green features and included in the family Amaranthaceae spinach. The content of various nutrients that exist in spinach to make spinach into one of vegetables that have high enough nutrients such as antioxidant content, vitamins and minerals are good for health.

Benefits of Spinach for Beauty Skin and Hair

In addition, spinach is also very famous to have a fairly good iron content to be consumed people who suffer from anemia disease

Some vitamins are also contained in this spinach, including vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K and various other important minerals.

Benefits of Spinach for Skin and Hair Health

Spinach in addition to good health for the body, is also good for maintaining healthy skin and hair. For you who want to know the benefits of spinach for beauty skin and hair you can read it below as summarized from the style craze.

1.) Can Cure Acne
One of the benefits of spinach is able to cleanse the skin from acne and can maintain healthy skin. Some of the vitamins present in spinach such as vitamin A and also vitamin C have benefits as an antioxidant that can fight the growth of bacteria that can trigger the appearance of acne.

To get the benefits of spinach as an anti-acne you can try to eat fresh spinach and can consume it in the form of a salad or you can also make spinach into juice and also green smoothies.

In addition, to get rid of stubborn acne, spinach can also be used as a mask. The way to smooth the spinach first and then combined with a little water and then apply on the face evenly and leave for approximately 20 minutes. The use of this mask can remove dirt, oil and also relieve inflammation due to acne and can make the skin become colder.

2.) Can be used as Sunscreen
In addition to iron, spinach also has vitamin B content that kucup many. As it is known that vitamin B can protect the skin from exposure to ultra violet rays. This makes spinach can prevent the occurrence of skin damage caused by the influence of bad sunlight and also prevent skin cancer.

3.) As Anti-aging
Free radicals present in the body can be destroyed by spinach. this is because spinach contains antioxidants. Free radicals is one of the causes of the emergence of premature aging of the skin, by eating spinach in an orderly way then the skin aging will be slowed so that the skin will look younger.

4.) Improving Skin Conditions
Sources of Vitamin A and also Vitamin C that exist in spinach contained high enough. One of the roles of vitamin A is to brighten skin color and Vitamin C plays a role to repair skin cells damaged body. By eating spinach, the skin will look healthier.

5.) Hair Growth
Vitamins and minerals rich enough in spinach are like vitamin B, vitamin C and also vitamin E, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium and also omega-3 fatty acids both to stimulate hair growth to become healthier. The iron content in spinach is useful for binding oxygen to red blood cells and will then be channeled to the hair follicle part. This will make the hair strength becomes stronger and healthier.

Above is a benefit of spinach for skin and hair beauty, in fact there are many benefits of this spinach for the health of the body. These benefits you can certainly feel by trying more often this spinach consumption.

In addition, of course the consumption of everyday foods should be balanced by choosing balanced healthy foods such as carbohydrates, side dishes, vegetables and fruits. As much as possible to reduce low-nutrient foods because it has a negative impact on body health when consumed too much.

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