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What is benefits of avocado for skin?

Benefits of Avocado For Face and Body Skin

Benefits of avocado for skin – When hearing the word avocado, must immediately imagine fresh fruit juices are fresh green cold drink during the hot day. Avocado fruit does have a good taste. But there are some people who are afraid to consume it because they think this fruit can cause fat. This is because avocados contain fat. Though avocado fruit has great benefits for health.

What is found in avocados is not fat that will cause obesity, but excellent unsaturated fats to lower levels of bad cholesterol in the body. In avocados also contain calories, proteins, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin C, water, as well as many fibers. That is why avocado is not only useful for health but also useful for beauty, in this case the benefits of avocado for skin as below:

1. Moisturize the Skin

Make a face mask for moisturizer using a mixture of avocado, honey, and yoghurt. The content of oil and vitamin E in avocado can provide moisture for the skin, honey can soften the skin and has a lot of antioxidants.

2. Rejuvenate the Skin

Exposure to pollution or sunlight will cause the body to produce free radicals that are very harmful to health. The content of vitamin C, E and flavonoids in avocados is good for preventing free radicals, as well as peeling skin due to lack of fluids and dehydration.

3. Smooth the Skin

To restore the smoothness of the skin of the hand, there is a way to overcome the skin peeling in the hands, how to smooth the palms and how to soften the palm of a rough hand with avocado scrub. The way mix the avocado that has been mashed, oatmeal, and lemon until blended and then rubbed while massaged into the hands for 20-25 minutes. Rinse hands with warm water afterwards until clean.

4. Brighten the skin

Benefits of avocado for skin – A dull face can disrupt a person’s appearance. This dull face can occur due to various factors such as frequent exposure to sunlight, cosmetics that do not match, rarely clean the face, eat less vegetables and fruits and much more. To fix this can be applied mask avocados on the face at least once a day. The way to mix the avocado with a spoon of honey and a few drops of lime, mix it into a paste and pakaikan to the face. Brighten skin is also one of the benefits of rambutan for beauty and benefits bengkoang for the skin.

5. Overcoming Skin Wrinkles

High potassium and mineral content in the avocado is very useful to restore the elasticity of the skin so it is help to delaying  form wrinkles on the face.

6. Overcoming Oily Skin

Oily skin can make makeup difficult to apply to the face because it will easily fade. Not to mention if sweating or overheating, the oil will be more visible. The avocado face mask can overcome the excessive oil on the face. The ingredients are egg white, half avocado and lemon. The benefits of lemon to face one of them can overcome the oily face. Wear it for 15-20 minutes then wipe the face afterwards.

7. Cleaning Faces

Benefits of avocado for skin – Mix one egg yolk, half a cup of milk, and half an avocado. Stir until smooth textured like lotion or pasta, then apply to the face, do it regularly. This mixture will remove dirt and toxins that accumulate in the skin pores, which are left behind when cleaned. Hair can also get one of the benefits of eggs for hair is through the benefits of egg yolk mask. The benefits of warm water for the face as well as one way to clean the face.

8. Exfoliation

Sometimes dead skin cells on the face are not carried away when cleaned. For that skin should be done periodically eksfoliasi. The benefits of facial exfoliation can be obtained through the use of avocado fruit. Way by mixing half an avocado, a teaspoon

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