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5 Benefits of Snacking on Soybeans Before a Sport You Missed This is a sponsored article. For more information about our Advertiser and Sponsor Policies, please read here.

Before exercising, you need nutrients such as protein, to provide stamina during heavy activities. Well, if you feel meat, fish, or eggs are too heavy to eat before exercise, you can replace them snack soy. What are the benefits snacking soy before exercise? Check out the review here!

Benefits of snacking on soybeans before exercise

1. Help burn more fat

Soybean is a food with low glycemic index value. The glycemic index (IG) itself is a value that measures how quickly carbohydrates from food are converted into sugar in the body. According to research in the 2013 International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition, eating snack with a low IG value before exercise can support fat burning more effectively.

This is because when exercising, the body gets energy from the oxidation of carbohydrates and fats. Now, eating a low-GI snack can maximize fat oxidation, so even fat is converted into energy, no longer accumulating in the body. You also become more powerful for sports.

2. Increase muscle mass

For those of you who want to build muscle through exercise, don't forget to eat high protein foods like soybeans before doing physical activity.

A research which involved male athletes found an increase in lean body mass. For 9 weeks, the athletes were given 33 grams soybeans while undergoing training.

Besides soybeans, they are also given whey protein as a comparison. Although both of them show the same results, soy has an added benefit, which is to provide antioxidants for the participants.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to eat snack soy before exercise. In addition, try to consume it 2-3 hours before physical activity. This is so you do not get a stomachache or nausea due to exercise after eating.

2. Energy sources that do not make fat

The benefits snacking soy before other sports that is helping to lose or maintain weight.

This is because soy is included in the food category with a low glycemic index value. The good news, food with low IG content help you lose weight.

As reported by Mayoclinic, a study showed that there was a decrease in body weight in people who undergo a low IG diet that is in the range 1-55.

Well, because soy is included in low IG category (around 16-34), you can choose it as an energy filler before sports that don't make you fat. If you want to maintain or lose weight, it is strongly recommended to change your diet and exercise so that they are balanced.

3. Improve exercise performance

The isoflavone content in soy can actually increase your performance when you exercise. This substance produces antioxidants which will speed up the process of cell recovery and reduce pain and muscle inflammation. Therefore, eating soy before exercise can be a wise way to help muscle function.

Besides that, snacking soy before exercise provides an adequate source of energy from carbohydrates and protein. With enough energy, the body can exercise more optimally.

4. Helps blood flow

When exercising, the body needs a smooth blood flow so that each organ can function properly. The good news, soy is a food source that contains arginine. Arginine is an amino acid, which is a protein maker, which has important properties in blood flow.

Therefore, snacking soy before exercise can help support blood circulation to all parts of the body, for example the brain, muscles, heart, and lungs.

So, how? After knowing what are the benefits snacking soy before exercise, try to replace your snack with soy. Besides being healthy, replacing animal protein with nuts is not a bad thing.

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