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5 Health Benefits of Table Tennis for

Each branch of sport has its own benefits, as does table tennis. This sport may not require you to run in the middle of the field or lift heavy weights. However, its health benefits cannot be underestimated.

The advantages of playing table tennis

As the name implies, the sport of table tennis is carried out with a special table as a competition arena. Although the arena used is not as big as other sports, you still have to be deft in defending the ball coming from your opponent.

This will provide the following benefits:

1. Increase stamina

Indirectly, the biggest benefits of table tennis will have an impact on your stamina. Table tennis is a sport that requires respiratory endurance and body muscles. During the match, you must move quickly while still breathing.

Gradually, your body is increasingly trained to use oxygen effectively. The muscles of the arms and legs also grow stronger because they are accustomed to moving quickly. Finally, stamina increases and your body does not get tired quickly during activities.

2. Sharpening brain function

In addition to training the respiratory endurance and muscles of the body, table tennis is also known as the best sport for the brain.

The reason, table tennis provides benefits for the brain by stimulating the parts that regulate movement, motor skills, and strategy.

Playing table tennis also trains cognitive functions (thinking), eye and hand coordination, and reflexes.

This influence arises when the eye catches the movement of the ping pong ball. The brain is encouraged to predict the direction of the ball and strategies to deflect it.

3. Prevent senile

Table tennis exercises activate several parts of the brain at the same time. Thanks to this, people who regularly play table tennis can experience an increase in overall intelligence, awareness and brain function.

The benefits of table tennis this one is certainly very influential for the elderly. Table tennis can be a fun way for them to sharpen their brains to avoid the risk of senility due to Alzheimer's disease.

4. Helps to lose weight

Table tennis is one type of exercise that burns a lot of calories. This sport is also classified as aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise is a type of exercise that requires oxygen and is very effective for burning fat.

Therefore, table tennis will provide great benefits for those of you who are losing weight. While eating foods rich in nutrients, try playing table tennis regularly and feel the changes in your weight.

5. Increase bone density

High-intensity exercise has an osteogenic effect on the body, which means it can stimulate bone growth. This effect can also increase when your body moves in a changing direction with a pause of a few seconds.

All of these characteristics are found in table tennis. As long as it's done routinely, playing table tennis will provide benefits in the form of increased bone density. As a result, bones become stronger and you avoid the risk of injury.

Table tennis may not seem as heavy as other sports. In fact, this sport has many benefits and advantages. Starting from maintaining the respiratory system, muscle strength, bone density, to prevent senility in the elderly.

Table tennis also has a very low risk of injury. Even beginners who have never tried it can learn it easily. So what are you waiting for? Try playing table tennis and feel the benefits of this sport for your body.

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