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Benefits of Cambodian Flower Oil, Essential Oils with a Soothing Fragrance

Frangipani flower has the characteristic of a bright color with a strong aroma. However, its uniqueness does not stop there. Frangipani flower is also often processed into essential oils with a myriad of health benefits. Check out the following information to find out the various benefits.

Benefits of frangipani flower oil

Frangipani flower is a plant that is found in Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean, and other tropical regions including Indonesia. This plant is globally known as frangipani, while the scientific name is Plumeria.

Although not as popular as other essential oils, here are some of the benefits that are believed to be found in frangipani flower oil.

1. Relieve pain during labor

Pain during childbirth is usually overcome by taking medication. In fact, massage with essential oils can be an alternative way to relieve pain. This is proven by a study in International Journal of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork.

The maternity women in the study initially felt pain with a severity of 7-9 (severe pain). After being massaged with frangipani oil, more than half experienced a decrease in pain to a scale of 4-6 (moderate pain).

2. Assist the smooth delivery process

The benefits of frangipani oil for birth mothers are not only to relieve pain. The same research also found that this essential oil has a distinctive aroma that can reduce aggressive behavior and alleviate physical and mental fatigue.

Women who get massage using frangipani flower oil tend to be calmer when facing labor. As a result, labor went smoothly so that they did not have to face older births that were more risky.

3. Relieves stress and relaxes

When you inhale the scent of frangipani oil, the geraniol compound, citronellol, and linalool in it bind to the nasal receptors. These signals are then transmitted to the hypothalamus in the brain to relieve stress.

You can also get this benefit by applying frangipani flower oil directly to the skin. The compounds in it will bind with steroids, then trigger the production of enkephalin and endorphins which provide a relaxed feeling and reduce anxiety.

4. Maintain skin health and beauty

Frangipani oil is a natural astringent for the skin. In skin care products and cosmetics, astringent is a material that is able to clean and moisturize the skin, tighten pores, relieve inflammation, and reduce excess oil.

Most astringents in commercial products usually contain alcohol so it is not suitable for certain skin types. By applying frangipani flower oil, you can get astringent properties without worrying about side effects.

5. Sources of antioxidants

Source: Health Living

Another benefit of frangipani oil is that it is a source of antioxidants for your body. Some of the many antioxidant compounds found in these essential oils include flavonoids, alkaloids, and tannins.

The main function of the three is to protect your body's cells from free radicals. Thus, the body's cells are protected from the risk of mutation, inflammation, damage, to the formation of tumors and cancer.

Frangipani oil has various benefits. Unfortunately, this essential oil is still rarely used. So that you can get a variety of benefits, try making frangipani oil as a choice of massage oil or aromatherapy.

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