Benefits of Digital Detox for Health


Can not be separated from the gadget or intermittently want to check social media unwittingly makes you forget time? Doing digital detox might be the right choice. What is digital detox?

The benefits of digital detox for health

Detox in terms of health it is a complete healing. Furthermore, detoxification is the process of removing waste, toxins, and harmful things from the body.

The purpose of detox is to give the body a chance to heal itself and replenish it with positive things.

Meanwhile, digital detox refers to a period of time someone decides not to use (all or some) technology such as gadgets, computers and tablets, as well as social media. This time lag is called the 'detoxification' period of digital devices.

This is seen as a way to focus on real social interactions without distractions.

Similar to detoxification in the body, digital detox is designed to have the benefits of reducing stress, excessive stimulation, and compulsive behavior related to the use of technology.

By releasing digital devices, at least temporarily, you can release stress that comes from relationships with cyberspace. Some of the causes of stress from cyberspace include:

  1. Amount of time on line or usage gadget
  2. Excessive consumption of social media and entertainment
  3. Content consumption on line excessive
  4. Going too far in cyberspace
  5. Dependence is very high on the use of gadgets
  6. A period of continuous digital connectivity

Why does digital detox need to be done?

the benefits of digital detox

For the majority of urban communities, connecting with the digital world has become part of everyday life.

According to research from Nielsen Company conducted in 2018, the average adult in America spends 11 hours every day listening, watching or interacting with digital media.

The internet gives us 24/7 time to visit without stopping and provides almost all the information needed. From one smartphone, we can consume more information than we need.

However, at the same time, something else happened. Technology goes far deeper into personal life so it makes you feel demanded to pay more attention and involvement in it.

Technology that should help save time doing work actually makes you spend more time there.

From this digital dependency, many things have the potential to harm your health. Digital detox has the benefit of removing you from this dependency.

the benefits of digital detox

Although addicted to technology not included in the category of health disorders, some experts believe that excessive use of digital devices is a real addictive behavior and can cause physical, psychological, and social problems.

A large-scale study was conducted by a combination of several universities in the United States. The study shows that people who rarely use social media have less risk of depression than those who use it intensely.

Another study was conducted by researchers in Sweden. They found that dependence on technology use among young adults was associated with sleep problemsdepression symptoms, and increased stress levels.

That is why giving time to the body and mind to take a break from cyberspace will be able to make your psychology healthier.

Signs you already need to do it

Here are some signs that you need to do digital detox.

  • Feeling anxious when you can't find or forget to put a gadget.
  • Feel you have to check the gadget every few minutes.
  • Feeling depressed, anxious, or angry after spending time on social media.
  • Feeling afraid of losing something if you don't keep checking the gadget.
  • Often unknowingly staying up late because surfing in the digital world.

The right way to start a digital detox

the benefits of digital detox

Digital detox has benefits for your health. However, that does not mean you have to immediately release the total digital needs. Perform a digital detox in stages with the following tips.

1. Decide realistically

Doing digital detox as a whole and breaking up with the world of social media might be something refreshing for some people. However, for those of you who rely on digital technology for mandatory matters, that sounds impossible.

To enjoy the benefits of digital detox, the key is to realistically decide on digital activities that do not function on your mandatory activity schedule.

For example, if you need gadget to work during the day, try doing a short detox at night. Give a little time to turn off your digital device, then focus on spending the night free from things like social media and other electronic distractions.

2. Set limits

Turn off the gadget for example at certain times. For example, saat you eat, especially when eating with other people. You can also do it when spending time with friends or family, also when do your hobbies that are not related to gadgets or digital technology.

3 delete disruption

Another way to do digital detox is to turn off your gadget notifications. Many social media applications including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and news websites send notifications every time there is new information, and that is indeed annoying.

Digital detox really sounds impossible. However, if done slowly and routinely, you will benefit from doing digital detox.

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