Benefits of Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatica) Leaves for Skin Health

Gotu kola leaf or in scientific language is called Centella asiatica is an herb that is known to have many benefits to treat various health problems. One of the benefits of gotu kola leaves is to overcome various skin problems. So, what are the benefits of gotu kola leaves for the skin? Here's the review.

What is Centella asiatica?

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<p>Centella asiatica is a green, fan-shaped leaf that is usually grown and used for medicinal purposes. Besides being known as gotu kola, this one plant also has another name Gotu kola.</p>
<p>Herbs, which are widely used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine, have many health uses ranging from improving mood, increasing memory, lowering blood sugar levels, overcoming diarrhea, to overcoming skin problems.</p>
<p>This plant, which comes from the Apiaceae family, contains various bioactives that act as antioxidants, antimicrobials, antivirals, and antiulers (overcoming wounds on the stomach wall and duodenum).</p>
<p>Experts at the University of Maryland Medical Center state that although this herb is safe, it should not be consumed for more than six weeks without consulting a doctor first. In addition, people who have liver disease and a history of skin cancer are also not advised to eat this plant.</p>
<h2>Benefits of gotu kola leaves (Centella asiatica) for the skin</h2>
<p>Of the many benefits of gotu kola leaves for health, its use for the skin cannot be doubted. Here are the various benefits of gotu kola leaves for skin health, namely:</p>
<h3>1. Heal wounds</h3>
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Gotu kola leaves contain chemicals known as triterpenoids. This compound is useful for accelerating wound healing by increasing antioxidant levels, strengthening skin tissue, and increasing blood supply to the wound area.

Research published in the International Journal of Lower Extremity Wounds found that wounds in mice treated with gotu kola leaf extract healed faster than untreated wounds.

In addition, another study published in Minerva Chirugica also found evidence that Centella asiatica is able to reduce surgical scarring after being given in the form of an oral dose. In fact, other research also states that this one herb can also help heal burns and reduce the risk of infection.

2. As an anti aging treatment

anti-aging cream ingredients

Research published in the Journal of Aryuveda and Integrative Medicine, explains that Centella asiatica can increase collagen production in the body. As you age, collagen production in the body decreases. Even though this one protein acts as the main foundation for the skin to stay elastic.

Therefore, Dr. James Duke, co-author of the book The Green Pharmacy Anti-Aging Prescriptions: Herbs, Foods, and Natural Formulas to Keep You Young, states that taking gotu kola supplements or applying it directly to the skin with a cream from gotu kola extract can restore and maintain the easticity of your skin.

3. Overcoming stretch marks

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Quoted from research in Advances in Dermatology and Allergology, gotu kola can reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Triterpenoids in gotu kola can increase collagen production in the body. That way, not only disguise existing stretch marks but also prevent new stretch marks from forming.

You can use a variety of topical creams that contain gotu kola extract on areas that have stretch marks. However, try to do a skin test first to avoid any negative reactions that may arise.

You do this by applying the cream to your forearm and leaving it on for 24 hours. If the area of ​​skin that is applied does not experience irritation or inflammation, this is a sign that this cream is safe for use on other skin areas.

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