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Benefits of Microneedling and Tips for Doing it at Home

Not only in beauty clinics, you can also do it microneedling at home. Usually microneedling is done by "hurting" the skin with a roller device whose surface is embedded with small, fine needles. Had become a trend among women, this method is believed to be able to rejuvenate your skin.

This extreme treatment can provide benefits to support the health of your skin. Therefore, see the benefits and tips for doing microneedling at home.

Benefits of microneedling for facial skin

Procedure microneedling is by moving roller on the surface of the face. This technique can increase collagen production and trigger healing by causing trauma to the skin first.

Collagen is one of the proteins that can make skin look younger, firmer, soft, and elastic.

As we get older, naturally less collagen is produced. As a result, appear wrinkles and signs of aging. Through microneedling, You are able to fight aging.

The research published in the journal Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery say that method microneedling safely and effectively to rejuvenate the skin, and treat scars and wrinkles.

According to Deanne Mraz Robinson, MD, FAAD, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Yale New Haven Hospital, said that the treatment microneedling a home can give visible results for those with problematic skin.

Microneedling can also increase the exfoliation and absorption of skin care products.

Robinson added, did microneedling consistently for 4-6 months can see differences in treatment results.

Things to remember are microneedling at home

This method involves small needles on the tool derma roller which will come in contact with facial skin. To do microneedling At home, you need to keep it clean before and after this treatment.

Kathleen Welsh, MD, a dermatologist in San Francisco and founder of Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology, emphasizes that you need to clean your face, as well as tools derma roller to minimize infection.

User derma roller need to be careful. You don't want to press too much on the tool because it can hurt their skin. Welsh continued, there might be an allergic reaction after performing microneedling both in beauty clinics and at home.

Side effects that may arise as below.

  • swelling
  • uncomfortable on facial skin
  • reddish
  • bruised
  • dry skin
  • peeling skin

Welsh said that the pain that arises depends on the use of these tools. However, it is important to note that bleeding often occurs while performing treatment this.

Interested to do microneedling at home? Check the tips first below.

Tips for microneedling at home

There are some equipment that needs to be prepared before you do microneedling at home.

  • derma roller
  • isopropyl 70% alcohol
  • cleanser
  • numbing cream (optional)
  • serum

There are 5 stages of doing microneedling homely style. Look carefully at the next step.

1. Disinfection of the derma roller

Don't forget to disinfect (sterile) derma roller before doing microneedling at home. Soak the derma roller in 70% isopopyl alcohol for 5-10 minutes, before starting.

2. Wash your face

Wash your face gently using a cleanser with a balanced pH. Wash your face before wiping it with 70% ispropyl alcohol before microneedling.

Note, if your skin is sensitive to pain, use it numbing cream after washing your face. Robinson suggests applying for 30 minutes numbing cream before microneedling.

3. Start microneedling

Currently doing microneedling At home, you need to divide the four facial areas.

  • top left
  • top right
  • bottom left
  • bottom right

Avoid the eye area when doing microneedling. Gently and firmly, start running derma roller one piece at a time in one direction (only vertical or horizontal).

Movement per part is done 2-3 times. Remember, always lift roller before rolling it again.

4. Clean the face

After doing microneedling at home, wash your face with clean water. Then dry with clean pad.

5. Sanitary derma roller

Clean again derma roller with dish soap. Then, soak it back in 70% ispropyl alcohol for 10 minutes, afterwards put it in a clean storage area. Derma roller need to be replaced after 10-15 times of use.

After doing microneedling at home, you are recommended to use serum. Effect microneedling can make it easier for products such as serum and moisturizer to work deeper.

Serum that you can use after doing microneedling among others.

  • Vitamin C, to make skin bright and promote collagen
  • Hyaluronic acid, to hydrate and make the skin more supple
  • Peptide, naturally able to increase collagen production
  • Growth factors, a protein capable of producing healthy skin cells and tissues, so as to rejuvenate the skin

Thus, you can do the above tips in doing microneedling at home. However, if you hesitate to do it, there's no harm in entrusting this treatment to professionals.

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