Benefits of Noni and Berry Can Prevent Cancer, Really?

Noni fruit is known as a pungent aroma. This tropical fruit that grows a lot in the Tahiti Islands, the Pacific islands as well as in Asia, Australia, South America and the Caribbean can grow to 3 meters tall. He said, one of the benefits of noni fruit can prevent cancer, is it true?

Not only noni fruit, cherries are also predicted as a natural ingredient that can be relied on to prevent cancer. Curious? Check out the following explanation.

Is it true that the benefits of noni fruit to prevent cancer?

The benefits of noni fruit are not in doubt, because this plant has been used as a herbal medicine for a long time. Not only the flesh of the fruit, but the bark to the leaves of the plant is also used as a natural medicine.

Well, one study states that the benefits of noni can help fight cancer cells that grow. This study examined the benefits of noni in mice with tumors.

From the results of these studies, it is known that the substances in noni can suppress the pain experienced by mice due to tumors.

In addition to experiments conducted by mice, a study conducted by researchers from the University of Louisiana revealed that noni juice can be a good natural ingredient in cancer treatment because of its antioxidant content.

However, this still needs further investigation, because until now the research has been limited to animals and has not been proven in humans directly.

He said, berries also have the same properties

blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries

Ellagic acid is a phytochemical or plant chemical found in raspberries, strawberries, and cranberries. The highest levels of ellagic acid are found in raspberries, strawberries, and pomegranates especially if they are frozen and dried. Extracts from red raspberry leaves, pomegranate, or other sources contain high levels of ellagic acid which is sufficient as a dietary supplement in capsules, powder or liquid.

Does eating berries or can prevent and treat cancer?

Ellagic acid has several anticancer properties that function as antioxidants and are able to kill cancer cells. In another study it was found that ellagic acid was able to reduce the effect of estrogen on the growth of breast cancer cells. Other studies have shown that ellagic acid can remove cancer-causing substances in the blood.

Although many studies have stated that ellagic acid can prevent or treat cancer, the results of this study have not been proven to be able to treat cancer in humans. Ellagic acid is more useful for reducing heart disease, birth defects, and the wound healing process.

Nearly all of the research done on ellagic acid has been tested on laboratory animals. Several animal studies have shown that ellagic acid can inhibit the growth of skin, esophageal, lung and other tumors caused by carcinogens.

In addition, ellagic acid can act as a substance that can help tumors form new blood vessels (angiogenesis), but more research on ellagic acid is needed to determine its benefits and effects on humans.

Researchers from Italy found that ellagic acid can reduce the side effects of chemotherapy in men with prostate cancer, but this ellagic acid does not slow the development of cancer cells or improve survival for cancer sufferers.

Some reports suggest ellagic acid can affect enzymes in the liver and can alter drug absorption in the body. Therefore, users of drugs and supplements should always be consulted with a doctor first. In addition, raspberries or their preparations should be used with caution for women who are pregnant because they can cause early labor.

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