Benefits of Vitamin C for Facial Skin and How to Choose Products

Vitamin C is one ingredient that is widely used in skin care products. However, do you know what are the benefits that have been scientifically proven? In order not to be mistaken, I will discuss the various benefits of vitamin C for facial skin plus how to choose the right product so you don't make the wrong choice.

Various benefits of vitamin C for facial skin

Don't just listen to what people say, here are the various benefits of vitamin C for facial skin that have been proven through research:

1. Take care of the skin from sun damage

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can be used directly on facial skin. The goal is to treat and treat skin problems due to sun exposure. This is because the antioxidants in vitamin C can fight free radicals which are one of the causes of skin damage.

Free radicals are formed when the skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays. This condition occurs when oxygen interacts with several molecules in the skin. This molecule then enters the body and reacts with DNA to cause cell damage.

Therefore, providing protection from the outside and inside with products containing vitamin C can help protect the skin from damage.

2. Brighten facial skin

It's no secret, one of the benefits of vitamin C for facial skin is to brighten it. Vitamin C can inhibit the work of melanocytes (cells that produce dark color in the skin). That way, using vitamin C-based products can help brighten your face that looks dull.

3. Helps fight aging

Vitamin C is a compound that can increase collagen biosynthesis in the skin. This aims to make the skin more supple. Not only that, collagen also helps reduce fine wrinkles on facial skin as you age.

Choosing the right vitamin C product for the face

For those of you who are still in doubt and don't know how to choose the right vitamin C product, here are the tips. Choose products that are used directly on facial skin, either in the form of a serum, cream, or in the form of a spray (spray). This is because products that are applied directly to the skin can be easily absorbed and work directly without going through a long process.

Vitamin C that comes from food or drink is first absorbed through the intestine. Therefore, even if you consume it in high doses, the cells in the intestine will not absorb all of them and will still be wasted through urine. As a result, vitamin C taken directly does not have a sufficient dose for your skin.

a sign of vitamin C deficiency

What needs to be considered when buying vitamin C products for facial skin

Choose vitamin C in the form of an active ingredient such as L-Ascorbic Acid (LAA). This active ingredient is usually similar to vitamin C which is eaten or taken directly to give the effect needed for facial skin. In addition, choose products that do not contain alcohol to avoid the risk of irritation to your facial skin.

acid for skin care

Use the product regularly for optimal results

Any product if not used regularly will not give optimal results, including vitamin C. Moreover, vitamin C has a limited working effect, so using it regularly on your facial skin is a must.

When vitamin C is done working as an antioxidant, there needs to be a substitute vitamin C molecule to help fight the negative effects of free radicals that occur continuously in the skin.

That's why, don't use vitamin products only when you want them to. However, use it regularly. That way, the benefits of vitamin C for facial skin will feel maximally and you don't buy products in vain.

For vitamin C products spray face, you can use it every day whenever needed to get a refreshing effect.

Also, to protect your skin completely, always use sunscreen whenever you are doing outdoor activities. Reduce exposure to excess sunlight and pollutants such as motor vehicle pollution and cigarette smoke so that skin damage can be minimized.

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