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Benefits, Risks, and Safe Tips for Having Sex During Menstruation

For some people, having sex during menstruation is feared because it is still considered taboo. But apparently, there are many interesting facts about sex during menstruation that may not be widely known. Instead of just guessing, here are the things you need to know about sex during menstruation.

Manfat having sex during menstruation

Making love has many benefits for health. Similarly, if having sex done during menstruation. However, the benefits you can get might be a little different.

Relieve cramps

Stomach cramps are a symptom of PMS subscriptions for most women who are menstruating. Cramps occur because the uterus contracts to shed the layers.

Well, the facts on the ground call orgasm can relieve cramps during menstruation. This is because the uterus also contracts during sex to shed its tissue. However, you will not feel the pain as usual because the mind is distracted by the pleasure of sex.

At the same time, sex triggers the brain to release endorphins. Endorphins are happiness-giving hormones that can divert the mind from moderate pain.

Shorter menstruation

When you regularly have sex during menstruation, the uterine muscles will more often contract. Uterine contractions in particular will be very intense during orgasm.

This condition makes the uterine lining tissue can decay more quickly because it continues to be stimulated to release. As a result your menstruation is usually long so finished sooner than usual.

Relieve headaches

One symptom that often appears during menstruation is a headache. Well, having sex can help relieve headaches when you menstruate.

This is proven by research published in The Journal of Headache and Pain. Menstruation women who experience migraines report that their headaches feel lighter after sex.

Although the connection is not so clear, it is endorphins that are thought to play a strong role in this regard.

Sex doesn't hurt

The key to enjoyable sex without pain is the help of lubricants in the vagina. When the vagina is "wet" enough, the penis will more easily enter without causing irritation or pain.

During menstruation, blood can be a natural vaginal lubricant that makes the surrounding area more slippery.

The risk of having sex during menstruation

But in addition to its benefits, having sex during menstruation also has risks that cannot be ignored.

1. Risk of disease transmission

Having menstruation with forgetting the principle of safe sex can put you at greater risk of contracting and transmitting an infection.

Sexually transmitted diseases related to menstruation are blood-borne types, such as HIV and hepatitis. Two types of the virus can live in body fluids, both blood and natural fluids of the vagina and penis.

If you do not have this disease but your partner is positive, you are at risk of contracting the disease from him if you have sex during the period without a condom. This is because your cervix will open slightly during menstruation, which allows the virus to pass through it.

In addition, the pH level of the vagina during menstruation will be higher than the blood which makes the germs multiply faster.

Conversely, if you are a positive but healthy partner, he can contract the disease from you. The virus can spread through contact with menstrual blood that has been infected.

The path of transmission of sexually transmitted infections from sexual intercourse during menstruation can be through oral, vaginal, anal, or anal. Therefore, always use a condom during sex to keep it safe and minimize risk. Condoms help protect yourself and prevent transmission of sexually transmitted infections through blood or other bodily fluids.

2. Dirty the bed

In addition to the risk of transmitting infection, sex during menstruation will be more troublesome than usual. The reason is, blood can pollute the mattress, sheets, blankets, up to the body of a partner. Especially if you have intercourse when menstrual blood is swift.

Many people avoid having sex during menstruation because they feel anxious about menstrual blood splattered everywhere. This can later make sex less enjoyable.

Does having sex during menstruation can make you pregnant?

Maybe you are wondering if you can get pregnant while having sex during your period? The answer can be. However, the possibility is indeed small.

You will have a very high chance of getting pregnant if you have sex during ovulation. Ovulation usually occurs in the middle of the cycle, which is about 2 weeks before menstruation begins. When menstruation, it means that ovulation is complete.

However, the length of each woman's cycle is different and can change every month. Then the possibility of getting pregnant cannot be fully predicted. It will still be possible to get pregnant from having sex during menstruation, so you still need to be careful.

Sperm that have entered the body can also remain alive for approximately seven days. If you, for example, have the shortest cycle of 21 days and ovulate after menstruation, the possibility of pregnancy is higher. The reason is, there is a possibility the egg will come out when sperm is still in your reproductive tract.

Tips to have sex during menstruation

So that sex during menstruation is more enjoyable and you and your partner avoid unwanted problems, here are the tips:

Remove the tampon first

For you tampon users, don't forget to take it off before having sex during menstruation. Tampons that forget to be removed can be pushed deep into the vagina. This can make it difficult for you to remove it.

If a tampon is lodged for too long in the body, you run the risk of experiencing a variety of problems ranging from abnormal vaginal discharge to infection. In addition, you also need the help of a doctor to remove it.

Choose a time when menstruation is not too heavy

Having sex during menstruation requires several strategies. One of them so that sex becomes more comfortable, try to do it when menstrual blood flow starts a little.

You can do it in the days leading to the end so that sex will not pollute the bed. In addition, you also will not feel anxious about menstrual blood that may be messy.

Bed mattress

Using a mattress mat helps keep the bed clean and free of blood stains. Use a mattress base like a perlak that can hold the liquid so that it does not seep into the mattress. Also prepare tissues near you so that they are easily taken whenever needed to wipe the blood or sperm coming out.

Choose a comfortable sex position

Missionary sex positions are positions where men are above and women below. This position can be used as an option to help reduce the flow of blood that comes out during intercourse during menstruation.

However, you also need to limit yourself so as not to penetrate too deep. The reason is, too deep penetration can affect the cervix. This is because the position of the cervix is ​​lower and more sensitive during menstruation.

Do not hesitate to convey to your partner when sex starts to hurt or uncomfortable. If it can still be continued, ask the couple to move slowly.

Try other sex variants

Sex does not have to be through vaginal, oral, or anal. You can also do other sexual activities such as making out, kissing, or hugging. You can also make a couple aroused by playing his penis.

In addition, another way that can be tried is to have sex while bathing. This means you and your partner take a bath together while making out without worrying about littering the mattress. If you have bath tub, You can soak together to still feel the pleasure of making love.

Use a condom

Condoms become one of the items that should be used when having intercourse whether menstruating or not. Because the condom is enough to protect you and your partner from the risk of sexually transmitted infections.

To be effective, you and your partner need to know how to use condoms correctly. Make sure to buy products that fit the size, not too small or too big. Then, use according to the instructions listed on the packaging.

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