Couples Become Friends, Need or Not?


For some people may often hear the people around them feel grateful to have a partner who also doubles as a friend. Meanwhile, not a few who did not feel that way, but their relationship remained harmonious. Then, should the partner play a role as a friend?

Should couples also be friends?

Actually, there are no rules that require couples to also play a role as friends in a healthy relationship. Some people may feel comfortable with the two roles held by their partners, but not a few who admit this is actually not effective.

According to Scott Bea, a psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic, a couple who also doubles as a friend can make the relationship more harmonious. However, this dual role does not have to be that way.

Most people might assume that a partner must be a best friend because it will spend a lifetime. On the other hand, the 'culture' is not the only example of healthy relationships and marriage.

Therefore, it can be concluded that the benefits provided from a partner who is also a friend depends on each individual. Do they feel a dual role in this relationship is effective or not.

Couples become friends to make a harmonious relationship

Some of you may feel that a partner who is also a friend makes the relationship more harmonious. How not, you can tell everything to your partner, one-roofed friends who spend time together every day.

Openness to the communication turns out to indirectly increase the intimacy between you and your partner.

This is proven through research from Journal of Social and Personal Relationship. In the study it was found that this type of partner-friend relationship lasts longer and is more intimate.

In addition, there are many other advantages felt by those with a partner who also doubles as a friend, such as:

Isn't it nice to find someone with a complete package to spend time together? Once thought that most people who think couples become friends make the relationship last longer.

However, not all feel the same way

sex positions for couples of different height

The benefits felt by people with a partner who also becomes friends does sound fun. However, as previously explained, not everyone feels the same.

There are some people who argue that friends outside of a love relationship can actually be 'run away' when hit by problems with a partner. For example, in a marriage you and your partner will share tasks.

However, you don't share these obligations with ordinary friends, so you can become an 'escape'. Therefore, some people feel couples do not need to be friends because they have different roles.

Balance between friendship and relationship

introduce a girlfriend to a best friend

So, how to make the relationship remain balanced and harmonious without making a partner a good friend? Here are some tips that might help you balance between the two.

  • Good and open communication regarding relationships and other problems
  • Respect each other's differences
  • Appreciate the feelings of your partner and friends
  • Be aware of the limits in friendship outside of a love affair

One thing to look out for from this relationship is when you feel more comfortable talking with friends than your partner means that there are problems in communication.

Not making a partner a good friend is not a problem. However, try to start talking with your partner how the role of friends in your life.

Good and open communication is one of the characteristics of a healthy relationship. In fact, no one knows if you feel comfortable to invite your partner to hang out with friends like a friend, right?

Turning a partner into a friend is not the only way to have a healthy relationship. However, it never hurts to make your partner your best friend because there are many benefits to be had.

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