Identical to Sadness, It Turns Out These 4 Benefits of Attracting Tears That Are Not Yet Known


Seeing someone cry might make you think they are sad. Though in fact, tears do not only indicate sadness or disappointment. Sometimes, bursts of happiness, emotion, or even surprise can also make tears fall. Interestingly, there are various benefits of tears that you might not realize. Anything?

Various interesting benefits from tears

Tears can be said as an expression of one's feelings. This fluid produced by the eye seems to be the body's way to release the "burden" that may have been unbearable.

Even when you feel deep joy, tears can be a sign of that feeling of happiness. Also thanks to tears, some people are grateful for being able to emit pent up emotions in him.

In other words, tears aren't always bad, you know! Without realizing it, there are various benefits of tears for the health of your body, namely:

1. Clean the eyes from dust and dirt

There are 3 types of tears that everyone has. Starting from reflex tears (reflex tears), relentless tears (continuous tears), and emotional tears (emotional tears).

Each type of tear has different functions and benefits. Reflex tears or reflex tears usually will come out when suddenly there is dust, dirt, smoke, or other foreign objects that enter the eye.

So, these tears will automatically come out of your eyes to clean dust particles, dirt, and other dangerous things. For example, when you are walking on the sidewalk and exposed to pollution, driving a motorcycle, or accidentally exposed to smoke burning garbage or motor vehicles.

2. Protect the eyes from bacterial infections

The eye is one of the body's organs that is quite sensitive, including by bacteria. Well, tears have benefits as a bacterial killer that enters the eyes.

You do this by producing tears continuously, or also called the type of tears without stopping (continuous tears). These tears will always lubricate and wet the eyes to protect it from bacterial attack.

This is because there is a content called lysozyme in the natural liquid of this eye. This lysozyme helps keep the eye clean and free of bacteria.

Based on the journal Food Microbiolgy, lysozyme has very strong antimicrobial properties to reduce the chance of the eye getting a bacterial infection.

3. Releasing the "burden" on the body

In addition to reflex tears and relentless tears, other types of tears are emotional tears. The benefits of emotional tears that can eliminate stress, pressure, anxiety, and other unpleasant things.

If 98% in tears contain reflexes of water, this does not apply to emotional tears. Besides water, emotional tears also contain stress hormones from the body. That is why, emotional tears can only come out after the body as if no longer able to bear the burden of sadness you have.

When you feel stressed, anxious, and sad, the muscles throughout your body usually become tense. Then after the body releases it through emotional tears, feelings of anxiety, sadness, disappointment, and stress will also disappear.

In addition to releasing stress hormones, emotional tears can also stimulate the production of endorphins in the body. The endorphins are also called happy hormones.

4. Maintain nasal moisture

Besides being useful for the eyes themselves, tears also have good benefits for other body organs, such as the nose. Because the tears that are contained in the eye will later flow into the nasolacrimal ducts.

Nasolakrimalis is a channel that connects the tear glands to the nose. When the tears enter, flow, and reach the nose, it will keep the nose in order to remain moist and free of bacteria.

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