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Is it true that drinking green tea before sleep is beneficial for the body?

Green tea or green tea quite popular for all people, especially adults and the elderly. Its well-known benefits, such as reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer, give birth to a trend, viz neheh before sleeping. However, before you make drinking green tea a routine before going to bed, you should find out more in depth the following effects.

Are there any benefits of drinking green tea before going to bed?

Drinking various types of tea is usually a routine to start the day. However, one type of tea, namely green tea, is deliberately taken at night. The reason is to get the health benefits of green tea.

Green tea comes from plants Camellia sinensis, which is known for its important compounds, such as catechins and amino acids.

Catechins are powerful antioxidant compounds that are often used as drugs, while amino acids are proteins in plants that can support brain function.

Well, one type of amino acid, namely theanine, is known to improve sleep quality and quantity. The existence of theanine is what makes most people start drinking green tea before going to bed as a routine.

A 2017 study published in the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition reports the effect of theanine on sleep quality.

Drinking as much as 3 to 4 cups of tea (with a dose of 750-1000 ml) low-caffeinated green tea throughout the day can reduce fatigue and stress so as to improve sleep quality.

When it enters the body, theanine will reduce the hormone cortisol (stress hormone). Stimulus in the brain will also decrease so as to allow the mind to be calmer.

Side effects of drinking green tea before going to bed

Although theanine has a strong potential to reduce stress so that it sleeps more soundly, drinking green tea can also have side effects. Green tea is known to contain caffeine, as does coffee.

Caffeine is a natural stimulant that can reduce fatigue, increase alertness, fluids, and concentration. All of these effects can make a person more difficult to sleep. This might happen if someone drinks green tea before going to bed.

One cup of green tea (240 ml) contains about 30 mg of caffeine or 1/3 the amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee. The effects of caffeine will appear in 20 minute up to 1 hour after drinking green tea.

Besides caffeine is also a diuretic, which makes you urinate constantly. This can make sleep disturbed because you wake up wanting to go to the bathroom.

Is drinking green tea before going to bed a routine?

So far there have been no studies that have really looked at the benefits of drinking green tea before bedtime. Although the theanine content in green tea is recognized to ward off caffeine, the risk of side effects persists. Especially for people who are very sensitive to caffeine or not accustomed to drinking tea at night.

Making green tea a routine before bedtime is not necessarily beneficial to everyone. To find out, you may need to try once to observe the effects of drinking tea before sleep.

If you interfere with sleep, you should not drink green tea before going to sleep. You can drink tea at other times, for example in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

If not pose sleep disturbance, that means your body can tolerate caffeine in the green tea you drink. However, that does not mean you can drink green tea in large quantities.

The limit of caffeine per day is 400 mg. This is equivalent to 8 cups of green tea. So, don't drink too much green tea because you are interested in its benefits. If you are worried that it will interfere with sleep, you should not drink green tea before going to bed.

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