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No Need Jaim, These Benefits Be Yourself in Front of Your Partner

Many sayings that say that being yourself in front of your partner is a must so they know who you really are. However, not a few people who choose to hide their identities for fear that their partner will leave them.

Well, actually how important is being yourself in a love relationship?

The benefits of being yourself in front of your partner

Basically, being yourself is an honest action in front of your partner. As reported by Planned ParenthoodOne of the characteristics of a healthy relationship is openness and honesty.

Being honest with one another about yourself fosters trust and reduces the chances of a relationship breaking down due to lying. Being yourself in front of your partner is very important because it is closely related to how comfortable you are with your partner.

1. Being yourself is more fun

Have you ever been when you were pretending to feel anxiety for fear that something could expose your lies?

Now, by being yourself in front of your partner, you might not feel the anxiety. You could actually feel better because when you are yourself you don't need to compose fiction that makes your head dizzy.

In addition, you can act consistently and not worry about being wrong because you "forget" what lies you have made before.

This will certainly make you feel more relieved and happy. Even though being yourself is fun, you also still need to maintain your attitude and respect your partner.

2. Opening up opportunities to truly be loved

If you really show yourself, you can see the real response of your partner. Does he like it or not.

If they give a positive response, you may have found the right person because he accepted you as you are.

However, if the opposite happens, you can find out why they don't like it and evaluate yourself. Is that attitude really rude or is there another reason?

For example, laughing out loud in public places may seem rude and make your partner feel uncomfortable. Think back if what you are doing is really true or even annoying people around?

When you are yourself in front of your partner, you come to know whether someone really loves you or not. It also minimizes pretense in relationships.

3. Help protect yourself

Be more open and be yourself in front of your partner, it can actually help "protect" yourself from heartbreak when the relationship gets deeper.

However, you do not need to be too hasty to show everything in yourself. Do it slowly and let them see it over time, so you can see their response.

For example, when you are both in a very serious conversation, such as talking about your future, try to pay attention to your partner's attitude and reaction.

If they are not too enthusiastic about responding to this important conversation over and over again, it could be that they really don't care about you.

Try communicating that to him. If nothing changes and can no longer be tolerated, you might be able to make a decision to end the relationship.

Ending the relationship before love develops further can prevent you from experiencing extreme pain.

4. Appreciate your own needs

Did you know that not being yourself can lead to feelings of hate and anxiety due to not acting according to your wishes?

Now, being open and being yourself in front of your partner can avoid this.

For example, to make your partner like you, you pretend to be someone who is not you, like wearing clothes that make you uncomfortable so that your partner is impressed.

The discomfort lasts for years until you finally feel stressed but are afraid to express it because of fears your partner will leave you.

Eventually, you begin to lose your identity. This will certainly have an impact on your psychological condition. Moreover, the relationship you live is also unhealthy because it is not based on honesty.

Therefore, being yourself in front of your partner is not only important for the relationship, but also for your own needs.

Being yourself in front of your partner is a fairly important aspect in a relationship because it involves honesty. If you yourself cannot show who you are, how do you know if your partner truly loves you for who you are?

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