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Not Just Reducing Congestion, See 4 Benefits of Riding Public Vehicles for Health

Taking public transportation is referred to as a way to reduce congestion in the capital. The reason is, the more people are interested in taking public transportation, the use of private vehicles will decrease. Apparently, not only that is the benefit of riding public transportation. Taking public transportation also brings physical and mental health benefits to you.

The benefits of riding public transportation for health

To reduce congestion, the government has provided various transportation that can be used by the public, such as buses and trains. In addition, the government also supports passenger comfort by increasing supporting public facilities, such as bus stops, crossing bridges, stations and terminals.

Although its main purpose is to reduce congestion, it turns out riding public transportation also provides health benefits for you. Let's peel one by one the benefits.

1. Make you more active

The main benefit of taking public transportation is to make the body more active in moving. As explained by the CDC, taking public transportation increases your chances of standing, walking, climbing stairs, even running, not just sitting.

You need to stand by waiting for the bus or stand if you can't get a seat. Then, you also need to climb the stairs on the pedestrian bridge to reach the stop that you want to go to and possibly run after the train that is already on the platform.

All of these activities can improve heart, lung and muscle function. In addition, it can burn more fat than sitting, improve body fitness, and be a healthy activity for people with hypertension, high cholesterol levels, or joint stiffness.

2. Sharpening brain function

Did you know that taking public transportation also benefits your brain? You might not have thought of this before. Yes, riding public transportation makes your brain more active at work.

For example, think about which transportation is the most effective way to go with the easiest, cheaper, and time-saving consideration. You are also required to remember certain vehicle codes, such as Microbus or Kopaja.

All of the things mentioned above are closely related to many brain functions, such as reasoning, memory, calculation, emotions, and also decision making. This is the same as when you are working on a math problem or playing a game puzzle which is beneficial for the brain.

3. Forming characters who obey the rules

Public transportation is for anyone. So, in order to remain orderly, all users must obey the rules, including you. The application of the rules of riding public transportation gives you benefits to behave in an orderly manner.

The goal, of course, is that all users of public transportation feel comfortable and the officers can carry out their work smoothly. You have to be patient in line, pay according to tariffs, and understand driving ethics, such as not being noisy or not eating in a vehicle.

4. Increase courage and independence in children

Not only adults, children can also benefit from taking public transportation, which is to exercise courage and independence. These two skills that are important for his future will not be present in you if not trained and honed.

Well, if you want to hone these skills there is no harm in inviting children to ride public transportation together. Teach children every rule and ethic of using public transportation, then you can allow children to ride public transportation themselves if their age and mentality are ready.

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