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Not Only Positive, Having An Optimistic Spouse Is Also Beneficial for You

Almost all agree that optimism is a positive attitude and will bring good to those who have it. Not only for yourself, having an optimistic partner can in fact also bring benefits to yourself and the quality of the relationship. Anything?

The benefits of having an optimistic partner

Positive and optimistic thinking is proven to have many benefits. In fact, when you have an optimistic partner, the benefits will also be felt by you.

One benefit you might feel is that your partner will suspect you less often. Plus, your partner might too spread goodness without him knowing.

The following are the benefits of having an optimistic partner.

1. Improve health

According to research from Michigan University in 2015, having an optimistic partner turned out to reduce the risk of chronic diseases. The study involved 3,940 adults over the age of 50 who were monitored for four years.

As a result, optimism is often associated with three factors, namely one's own health, bodily functions, and several chronic diseases.

The study also mentioned that people who have an optimistic nature or who have an optimistic partner are much healthier than those who do not.

The benefits of having an optimistic partner are also known to make a person's body function better, and lower risk of chronic diseases.

People who have an optimistic nature usually fared better and reported their health improving with time. They also spread their enthusiasm to those they love to keep their partners healthy.

For example, optimistic couples tend to invite their partners to live healthier, such as going to the gym or eating healthy food. Therefore, you who have a very positive-minded partner are more eager to be better.

2. A lasting and lasting relationship

As reported by American Psychological Association, the benefits of having an optimistic and positive-minded partner gives satisfaction in a greater relationship.

A professor and his team from University of California Los Angeles conducted a study of 79 couples regarding positive and negative events in their relationship. The responses shown by the couple are then grouped into two, namely passive or energetic.

At the time of the interview, there are some people who give passive responses when they hear their partner being promoted. The responses they mentioned were like, "Are you sure you can take responsibility?" Or change the subject.

Meanwhile, there are people who respond to their partners more energetic and positive when confronted with the same case (promotion of position). They tend encouraging their partners. For example by saying, "You really deserve that"

As a result, people who smother their partners with positive words have better relationship satisfaction than others. In addition, an optimistic partner also increases their partner's confidence and reduces stress.

Having a partner who can always see the gap of good in every bad can improve your mood when talking about bad events.

The benefits of having an optimistic partner really are able to make people around him have a positive aura too. Therefore, it is not uncommon for people who think positively to be healthier and to have a lasting relationship because of their nature.

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