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Not Only Warm in the Body, Here Are Other Benefits of Fennel Tea for Your Health

Not only used as a main ingredient of telon oil, it turns out that fennel plants can be processed into tea and have good benefits for your health. What are the privileges offered by tea from processed fennel plants?

A myriad of benefits offered fennel tea

Fennel plants are plants that have antiviral and antimicrobial properties that are good for the body. Therefore, many people who process it as herbal tea to maintain their health, such as useful for the digestive system to relieve pain.

1. Relieve menstrual pain

In 2012, there was one research about the effect of fennel plants on pain caused by dysmenorrhea. This study involved 60 women in the age range of 15-24 years who suffered from moderate to severe menstrual pain and were given fennel extract.

The result, about 80% of women who consume fennel as an alternative treatment report that their pain is reduced. However, another 10-20% do not get any effect from the benefits of this fennel.

The large percentage of this research provides hope that fennel tea might reduce contractions in the uterus, so that pain is reduced. However, always consult with your doctor first before regularly consuming fennel as an herbal medicine.

2. Increase milk production

Besides being able to relieve menstrual pain, fennel tea also has benefits for nursing mothers, namely increasing milk production.

This is seen through medical trial which shows that this plant which is often found in Indonesia is galactagogue. Its nature can affect the health of breastfeeding mothers, so that the quality and amount of their milk will be better.

However, there are no studies that really prove that the effects of fennel plants are really beneficial for breast milk production of nursing mothers. Again, it's good to consult this matter with your doctor.

3. Make the aroma of breath fresher

The antibacterial properties of fennel tea can also make your breath more fragrant. This is most likely due to antibacterial properties in fennel plants which can reduce the bacteria that cause bad breath.

4. Helps overcome digestive problems

For those of you who often suffer from diarrhea and have quite sensitive digestion, fennel tea might be good for you. Plant fennel is believed to help calm problematic digestive organs.

As reported on the page Live Strong, a practitioner of essential oils and herbal teas, Marco Valussi reports that the combination of herbal tea with fennel actually relieves bowel pain in 95% of people with chronic colitis.

5. Add antioxidants to the body

Antioxidants are one of the compounds that you can find in the content of fennel tea. You certainly know this compound as one of the agents that can fight free radicals. If you regularly drink fennel tea, antioxidants in the tea can fight oxidative stress in your body.

It also turns out to be able to help ease the burden on your kidneys and liver, produce new cells, and help reduce the signs of aging.

Until now, there has been no research that really proves the efficacy of the benefits of fennel tea. If you have certain medical conditions or are pregnant, consult your doctor before consuming fennel tea.

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