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Not Only Warming, Telon Oil Is Also Beneficial for Health

The use of telon oil after bathing is often done by Indonesians, especially to warm babies. However, this oil has other benefits besides to warm the body. Check out the following review about the benefits of telon oil for both adults and infants.

Benefits of telon oil that you may not know about

Basically, telon oil is a mixture of fennel oil, eucalyptus oil and coconut oil as a carrier oil. Therefore, the nature and benefits are not much different from the three oils, such as:

1. Help protect from insect bites

A mixture of eucalyptus oil with other oils in telon oil makes this oil have a strong aroma. The strong aroma causes insects to be reluctant to approach you.

In 2011, a study showed that cajuput oil which is the main ingredient of eucalyptus oil has a scent that can repel insects.

Therefore, when you use telon oil containing eucalyptus, insects will be reluctant to approach your body.

2. Overcoming respiratory problems

Not only to protect from insect bites, telon oil also has benefits to help overcome respiratory problems. That is because the eucalyptus oil content of telon oil is decongestant, thus helping you alleviate symptoms, such as:

  • Nasal congestion
  • Sore throat
  • Runny nose

Therefore, inhaling the aroma of telon oil can also help you to overcome your breathing problems.

3. Relieve muscle spasms

If you experience muscle spasms with pain that can still be tolerated, applying telon oil can actually help to relieve these spasms.

That is because the mixture of eucalyptus oil and fennel in telon oil has a relaxing effect on muscles. Other than that, eucalyptamint in eucalyptus oil is used as a medicine to treat muscle spasms and arthritis.

4. Relieve flatulence

For those of you who often experience flatulence, try to smear telon oil on your stomach to help overcome the problem. That is because the content of fennel oil in telon oil is believed to reduce pain in the stomach.

On a research in 2016 it was found that a mixture of fennel oil and oil containing curcumin can reduce symptoms in patients with mild Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

The study lasted for 30 days and almost all participants reported that flatulence and pain they felt improved.

Although often used for infants, in fact telon oil also brings benefits to adults with certain conditions, such as being bitten by an insect, nasal congestion, or flatulence.

However, try to consult with a doctor first before using telon oil as an alternative medicine.

Side effects of using telon oil

This mixture of eucalyptus oil and fennel oil is actually very safe to use. However, there is still no research that actually shows the safe limit of the benefits of using telon oil for a long time.

In addition, it is most likely for some people that telon oil will cause stomach and intestinal pain.

The benefits of telon oil are actually almost the same as eucalyptus oil. However, because there is a mixture of other ingredients make telon oil have a different aroma. Don't forget to ask your doctor whether your condition allows using telon oil for daily use.

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