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Patikan Kebo, a Weed Plant that Turns Many Benefits

Patikan kebo leaves or commonly called bean seed leaves are weeds that are considered disturbing in the world of agriculture. In fact, there are a myriad of health benefits from leaves of patikan kebo that you would never have thought of. What are the features of this patikan kebo leaf?

What is patikan kebo leaf?

Patikan kebo leaf (Euphorbia) is an herbal plant that almost all parts have uses.

However, when you pick the stems or leaves, you will see milk sap coming out. Try not to touch it directly because it is toxic to your skin.

This patikan kebo leaf plant is commonly used to treat respiratory disorders. Starting from asthma, bronchitis, and chest tightness.

Myriad benefits of patikan kebo leaves

According to research in 2010 about usage Euphorbia as traditional medicine it is seen that this plant contains many beneficial nutrients.

Patikan kebo leaves actually contain sodium, potassium, calcium, and lithium. In addition, this plant which is often considered a nuisance weed is rich in vitamin C, phenolic, and beta-carotene.

Even though it doesn't look like an ordinary herbal plant, kebikan pato leaves have a myriad of benefits that you can get for your health.

1. Reducing symptoms of respiratory disorders

One of the most common benefits found in Patikan kebo leaves is to reduce the symptoms of respiratory disorders, such as asthma.

That is because in this plant found ingredients similar to antiastatic drugs that provide a relaxing effect on the airways (bronchi). Antiastatic medication is commonly used to help reduce asthma symptoms.

Aside from asthma, this plant can also be used as a traditional treatment for sore throats, chronic coughs, and bronchitis.

2. Healthy skin

Leaf Euphorbia apparently it can be used to help treat irritations on the surface of your skin.

The antioxidant content in Patikan kebo leaves can accelerate the healing process by stimulating blood flow to the skin. This makes your body grow faster new cells.

Therefore, many people who use ointments or creams containing the leaves of Patikan kebo for healthier skin. This one leaf is also known to slow down the skin's aging process.

3. Boosts the body's immune system

One of the benefits you can get from patikan kebo leaves is to increase the body's immune system. In a study from India that tested this plant in mice showed kebikan patikan leaves can reduce symptoms of ear infections.

In addition, patikan kebo is also believed to help treat eye infections and reduce the symptoms of conjunctivitis.

Although there has been no trial of pato keboaf leaf directly to humans, making it into an extract that you can use can be done for use as an additional nutrient.

4. Reducing pain in the stomach

Did you know that the benefits of Patikan kebo leaves can also be used to reduce pain in the stomach?

You can change the root Euphorbia a paste to cure colic by soothing your intestinal wall. However, try to take it at the recommended dosage because it can make you vomit.

If you are in doubt, ask your doctor or expert to get the right answer.

5. Increase sex drive

It turns out that patikan kebo has long been used to increase sexual arousal and male fertility. At the recommended dose, which is 50 mg, Euphorbia able to increase libido, and increase fertility, so it is good for men who are planning to have children.

6. Reducing swelling due to snakebite

As a country called the heart of the world because of its forests, Indonesia has a variety of snake species that can be found in various regions.

As a result, it is not uncommon for humans to get bitten by snakes and it is difficult to move due to some swollen areas of the body. However, you don't need to worry.

The anti-inflammatory properties of the patikan kebo leaf can neutralize snake poison and are often used as an antidote for this reptile.

Side effects of using patikan kebo leaves

Although there is no research that really confirms the side effects of this plant, excessive consumption can cause nausea and vomiting.

Apart from that, touching Euphorbia with bare hands can cause skin irritation and cause allergic reactions. That is why, you should use gloves when you want to cultivate this plant.

In addition, this plant is also not recommended as a traditional medicine for pregnant women. That is because keboikan patikan leaves can cause contractions in the uterus, so the potential for miscarriage.

Pato kebikan leaves do have many benefits. Unfortunately, not all of its properties have been tested on humans. Therefore, try to consult first with your doctor before using it so as not to cause unwanted side effects.

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