Second Honeymoon for Couples, What Are the Benefits?


Married life that has lasted for years is not as sweet as the early days of marriage. Busyness, hindrances, and boredom fill a couple more everyday than intimacy. Moreover, already have children, it's hard to provide special time with a partner.

If left unchecked, this situation can further widen the distance between you and your partner. The second honeymoon can be a solution to erase the distance created in long-term married life.

Benefits of the second honeymoon

The second honeymoon is an effort to re-establish a tenuous relationship by spending quality time with a partner. This method can strengthen the bond of marriage in several ways, including:

1. Maintain communication

Daily busyness often makes you and your partner unable to find the right time to talk about important or unfinished issues. The second honeymoon can be a great opportunity to talk with your partner carefully. When specifying time together, you and your partner can also avoid distraction so that you can solve communication problems with a cool head.

2. Understand your partner better

After years of marriage, you and your partner have changed a lot. You are no longer the same person you were when you were married first. Take advantage of the second honeymoon to recognize the new side of your partner. Perhaps both you and your partner will see this character change as a new attraction for each other.

3. Creating new memories

Memories with a partner are valuable treasures that can later be remembered and interpreted together. Therefore, it is important to spend a second honeymoon in a special place for you and your partner. Moreover, if the honeymoon time is also filled with fun activities or doing something that has never been tried before. That way, a positive memory will be created that makes you better appreciate the time together that has passed.

4. Rests the mind

The second honeymoon can also be a place to release stress. All the tension in the relationship that arises due to lack of communication can be lost when you and your partner act more relaxed. Make sure you do things that are pampering during the second honeymoon, like a spa or enjoying the natural scenery.

Spending time with your partner in the midst of busyness is indeed a challenge in itself. However, if the impact is so positive on your marriage relationship, why not try it?

The right time for the second honeymoon

To get the maximum benefit, the second honeymoon should indeed be planned carefully, such as a vacation out of town or to a romantic place. The right time is when you and your partner are not too busy with work.

Make sure the child is not just ignored, try to leave it with relatives or close relatives. So that your child wants to understand, communicate beforehand that moments like this are important for both parents.

But that does not mean the second honeymoon can not be done spontaneously in a narrow time. Professor Barbara Fredrickson, author of Love 2.0, learned that what can strengthen relationships is not great love passion, but a short but meaningful time together.

A similar sentiment was also expressed by W. Bradford Wilcox and Jeffrey Dew, author of The Date Night Opportunity, who found that couples who spend time together only once a week tend to be happier than those who do not.

In conclusion, the second honeymoon can be adjusted to the daily grind and time to care for children. If you and your partner are constrained by the cost of at the same time unable to leave the child, just take the time to have dinner together once a week.

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