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The He Sincerely Establish Relationships or Just Utilize You? This is the sign

One of the characteristics of an unhealthy relationship is that you are used by your partner, or even vice versa. If this happens, it is not uncommon for the relationship to waver and you often question the trust and seriousness of your partner. So that you are not too long stuck in this unhealthy relationship, recognize the signs that you are being used by the following couple.

Give and take in a relationship

In a relationship, especially a romantic relationship, there is a theory which states that humans are divided into three categories, i.e., the giver (givers), receiver (takers), and counterweight (matchers).

One type of partner that can endanger relationships is takers. People who are in a relationship with para takers this usually tends to be used by their partners.

If givers or the giver is a person who likes to give affection and make sure the loved one is okay, takers or the recipient is the opposite.

What is that takers?

Recipient or person who just took (takers) generally treat other people kindly to expedite their goals. Usually, people with these characteristics tend to look attractive and easily communicate alias charismatic.

Para takers really understand how to socialize and seduce others so that their goals are quickly achieved. You can recognize this type of person by looking their treatment of people who might not benefit them.

Associated with takers can make you feel you are just being used. Usually they will use money, time, and your love to fulfill his desires without feeling obliged to behave the same. In fact, you might be left if you feel that your wish has been fulfilled.

Your sign is used by your partner

When someone approaches, you might ignore the signs that appear because they are in flower, especially if you like it too. In fact, if your partner did it you might also miss the mark because of the trust you have in him.

So that you are not constantly exploited by your partner, recognize the following signs.

1. More often talk about himself

One sign that you are being used by other people, especially your spouse or people who are approaching you, is that they prefer to talk about themselves.

This personality can be included in narcissistic personality. Narcissism is not the same as self-confidence, but rather shows arrogant behavior, thirst for praise, and likes to sue others without respecting his feelings.

For example, when dating, your partner might start a conversation about themselves. When it's your turn to talk, he may cut off your words and return to the topic of himself.

It aims to meet their own needs, such as asking for a solution to a problem without having to listen to your own problem.

Try to pay attention to people who are approaching or might be in contact with you. Are they really self-center and rarely appreciate your words? If that's the case, you might be being used by your partner.

2. You always spend money

Actually, there are no rules about who should treat whom when dating. However, when you are being used by your partner, one sign that appears is that they tend to avoid it when it comes to money.

It's not always your partner who has to spend money every time you walk, but that doesn't mean every time you both go out, you always bear it.

As explained by a sexologist, dr. Jess O'Reilly, the issue of money is one source of conflict in relationships. That is why, this issue needs to be discussed so that your relationship stays healthy.

If your partner continues to refuse funding your date for no apparent reason, it could be that you are only being used by him.

3. Never respect you

In a relationship, mutual respect for one another is one of the main keys of a healthy relationship. There are simple ways that can show the appreciation, for example by saying "thank you".

When a couple often letting you pay for food and not even saying thanks, of course there are feelings of resentment that make you feel unnoticed.

Not only about money, he also does not respect you if you casually invite you to go on a date regardless of what plans you have. In fact, he will change his attitude if you do not obey him, no matter what the reason.

That is a sign that you might be being used by your partner or maybe your future boyfriend.

4. Family and friends have warned

Making contact with people who just want to use you sometimes makes you unaware that there are many signs already visible.

It may be that your friends and family have repeatedly reminded that your partner only manipulates you from his daily attitude that is much different when treating you and them. Role your family and friends are very influential to help you see your potential mate more objectively.

Those outside the relationship can usually see your partner from another perspective. Usually, they will also tend not to approve of your relationship when they know that you are just being used.

Actually, there are many signs that are shown when you are being used by your spouse or potential partner. The four characteristics that have been mentioned are things that often occur in a relationship and become the root of the problem.

Remember, to build a healthy and lasting relationship requires the efforts of two people. It's not only you who gives.

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