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Palm Anatomy, Function & Diagram

The palm comprises the underside of the human hand. Also known as the broad palm or metacarpus, it consists of…

5 hours ago

Optic Tract Function, Anatomy & Diagram

The optic tract is an extension of the optic nerve located in the brain. It begins at the area where…

15 hours ago

Corpus Cavernosum Penis Anatomy, Function & Diagram

The penis is composed of three cylinders encased in a sheath called the bucks fascia. These three cylinders are the…

1 day ago

Gracilis Muscle Function, Origin & Anatomy

The gracilis muscle is one of the muscles found in the groin.It starts at the external point of the ischiopubic…

1 day ago

Dorsal Cuneonavicular Ligament Anatomy, Function & Diagram

Ligaments are fibrous tissue that connect one bone to another. The dorsal cuneonavicular ligament forms the joint between the navicular…

2 days ago

Dorsal Intercuneiform Ligament Anatomy, Function & Diagram

The dorsal intercuneiform ligament secures the three cuneiform bones. Dorsal means the top of the foot. Cuneiform bones fit between…

2 days ago

Inferior Peroneal Retinaculum Anatomy, Function & Diagram

A retinaculum refers to any region on the body where tendon groups from different muscles pass under one connective tissue…

3 days ago

Plantar Calcaneonavicular Ligament (Spring Ligament)

The plantar calcaneonavicular ligament (spring ligament) is a thick, broad fibrous band that is located on the bottom portion of…

3 days ago

Posterior Tibiotalar Ligament Anatomy, Function & Diagram

The human ankle joint, also known as the talocrural joint, connects the tibia and fibula bones of the leg with…

4 days ago

Foot Anatomy, Pictures & Model

The foot is the lowermost point of the human leg. The foot’s shape, along with the body’s natural balance-keeping systems,…

4 days ago

Flexor Retinaculum Of The Foot Anatomy, Function & Diagram

Each wrist and ankle of the human body contains a structure called the flexor retinaculum. A flexor retinaculum consists of…

4 days ago

Plantar ligament plate

Plantar ligament plate Source link

5 days ago

Plantar Ligament Plate Anatomy, Function & Diagram

A plantar ligament plate is found on the bottom of the foot. This ligament plate connects the toe to the…

5 days ago