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Dorsal Cuneocuboid Ligament Anatomy, Function & Diagram

The group of bones that make up the back of the foot and the ankle are called the tarsal bones. The cuboid tarsal bone is located in the middle of the foot, on the outer side. The cuneiforms are three bones that lie directly behind the metatarsals, the bones that lead to the bones of the toes. Fibrous bands connecting the dorsal (top) surfaces of the cuboid are called the dorsal cuneocuboid ligament. This ligament also connects the lateral (side) surfaces of cuneiform bones. The dorsal cuneocuboid ligament supports the joints of the foot.

The dorsal cuneocuboid ligament stabilizes the top portion of the cuboid. This is called the dorsal aspect of the cuboid. The tarsometatarsal ligaments and dorsal cuboideonavicular ligaments also help to stabilize the cuboid.

Cuboid syndrome and recurrent ankle sprain often result from problems with the dorsal cuneocuboid ligament. In these injuries, the dorsal cuneocuboid ligament becomes rotated or strained. If the dorsal cuneocuboid ligament becomes slack, injuries such as sprains, tears, or snapping are more likely to occur. To prevent injury to the dorsal cuneocuboid ligament, exercises can be completed as a part of physical therapy. This may also be done after an injury or surgery to repair the ligament.

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