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Dorsal Cuneonavicular Ligament Anatomy, Function & Diagram

Ligaments are fibrous tissue that connect one bone to another. The dorsal cuneonavicular ligament forms the joint between the navicular bone and the cuneiform bones in the foot. The navicular bone is a small, rounded bone located just below the talus (ankle bone) in an area known as the tarsus. Beneath the navicular bone are three slightly rectangular bones, referred to as the cuneiform bones. Each of the three cuneiform bones attaches to a metatarsal bone. The metatarsal bones form the connection between the bones of the foot and the bones comprising the toes.

The dorsal cuneonavicular ligament functions as a thin strip of fibrous materials that connect the navicular bone to the cuneiform bones. Located near the ligament are tendons that connect the bones to the muscles in the feet. Damage or injury to the foot may result in a strained ligament, which usually manifests as a painful and tender foot.

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