bistort: benefits and side effects

Bistort: benefits and side effects

Benefits What are the benefits of bistort? Bistort is an herb that is used as an external medicine to treat bites, stings, burns, snake bites, and hemorrhoids. Not only have beautiful flowers, bistort has the benefit of as an in medicine to treat stomach acid disease, intestinal irritation, ulcerative colitis, and diarrhea. In addition, currently


flaxseed: benefits and side effects

Flaxseed: benefits and side effects

Benefits What are the benefits of flaxseed? Flaxseed is one type of whole grains that are often used as flour to process food. However, flaxseed is also commonly processed as an herbal supplement to overcome various indigestion, such as: Chronic constipation Inflammatory bowel disease Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) Diarrhea Inflammation of the large intestine Ulcerative


basil: benefits side effects

Basil: benefits, side effects and interactions

Benefits What is the basil for? Basil is an herbaceous plant. The part of the plant that grows on the ground is used to make medicine. Some people use it as a mouthwash. Basil is also used for stomach cramps, loss of appetite, intestinal gases, kidney conditions, fluid retention, headache, warts, and creeping infections. This


benefits and side effect of arnica flower

Arnica: benefits, how to, side effects

Benefits of Arnica flower What are benefits of Arnica flower for health? – Arnica is a flowering plant that is often processed into herbal remedies to treat osteoarthritis, sprains, wounds, acne, ulcers, rashes, to reduce the inflammation caused by bruises. The shape of arnica flowers is similar to the daisy flowers commonly found in North


benefits of astragalus root for health

Astragalus root: benefits and how to use

What are the benefits of astragal root Astragalus is one of the herbs whose roots have long been used in Chinese medicine. One of the benefits is to improve the health of the immune system. Astragalus is considered an aphrodisiac and can increase sperm motility. The root of astragalus is used for flu, upper respiratory


benefits of aniseeds

Aniseeds: benefits and how to use

Benefits of aniseed What are benefits of aniseed? РAnise or aniseed is one type of spice that is often used as herbal medicine. As the name implies, the anise has a slightly sweet taste with a very distinctive aroma. No wonder if this spice is often used as flavoring spice on several types of cuisine.


benefits, side effects of betony plant

Betony: benefits, how to and side effects

Benefits What is betony for? Betony is a herbal plant included in the mint family. This herb is widespread in western and southern Europe. The top of the plant is drained and used medically. Betony is a plant used as an astringent and a mouthwash or tea. Given to treat anxiety and given as a


benefits of barley for health

What are benefits of barley for health?

Benefits of Barley for Health Barley is a type of grain whose physical appearance resembles wheat where barley is also included in the family of wheat plants. The nutritional content of the barley: Whole vegetable protein ranges from 13 g The fiber ranges from 19 g Essential amino acids and selenium Calcium 35 mg, phosphorus,


benefits and side effects of barley

Barley seeds: benefits and side effects

Benefits of barley Barley is one type of grain derived from a family of wheat. This one seed has a shape very similar to wheat so it is quite difficult to distinguish with wheat. Barley is widely used as raw material in bread, beverages, and other cuisines. Barley has many health benefits such as lowering


benefits of artichoke for health

What are benefits of artichoke for health?

Benefits of Artichoke for Health What are benefits of artichoke for health? – Artichoke is a very famous vegetable in winter, its color is green silvery and has laminated petals. It is said to have been first discovered in the 19th century in the Mediterranean region, and is commonly consumed by the Greeks and Ancient


benefits of artichoke and side effects

Artichoke: benefits and side effects

What are the benefits of artichokes? Artichoke is a flower bud thistle that is harvested before the flowers bloom. Artichoke usually used as a side dish of vegetables eat rice, but also commonly used as herbal medicine without side effects. Artichokes are used to stimulate the flow of bile from the liver, and this is


benefits of androgaphis and side effects

Androgaphis: benefits and side effects for health

Benefits of Androgaphis Andrographis is a native plant of South Asian countries such as India and Sri Lanka. Its underground leaves and stems are used to make medicine. Andrographis can be used to treat: colds and flu (influenza) sore throat, cough, swollen tonsils, bronchitis, and allergies diarrhea, constipation, intestinal gas, colic, and abdominal pain enlarged


benefits of arginine how to use

Arginine: benefits and how to use

Benefits of arginine Arginine is a chemical building block called “amino acid”. Amino acids are obtained from food and are necessary for the body to produce proteins. Arginine is found in red meat, poultry, fish, and dairy products. It can also be made in the laboratory and used as a remedy for the following diseases: