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Sidebar Widgets are a fundamental function of any Journal Running a blog website. To assist with that Dispatch makes use of a nifty little plugin and a few customized CSS courses to make styling your sidebar a breeze.

Widget CSS Lessons

Utilizing the namesake plugin now you can add CSS Lessons to Widgets. Easy.

Dispatch Widget Lessons

CSS Class: zero-padding
Removes the padding from the widget. Good for including these banner advertisements for optimum area.

CSS Class: no-background
Removes the widget coloration background that’s set within the Customizer.

CSS Class: wpsp-card
Used completely with the WP Present Posts Widget and with zero-padding and no-background.
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Including your individual courses

Need totally different coloration background on your widgets. Heres the right way to. Add you Customized Class Identify to your widget. On this instance we’ll go for a pink coloration and identify our class red-background. Now thats added lets add some CSS.

.widget.red-background {
    background-color: #ff0000;

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